5th settlement compounds list


5th settlement compounds list

Due to the increasing population growth is estimated to increase , the housing needs to approximately 100 000 units per year to meet the demand , that’s what makes New cairo city a city that will foster, consensus , enhance national spirit and sustainable growth .this offers investors an opportunity to invest in a project to make sure that people get places where they can work, live and invest 

5th settlement is considered to be the finest area for living in New Cairo City , it was established in the year 2000 and became one of the most important new investment areas , within a few years it was able to become a perfect choice for everyone looking for a privileged place to live or a profitable real estate investment. 

New Cairo city is a city built to serve certain purposes and attract all sorts of social classes and businesses. As it’s the goal for those who are looking to invest or buy and their decision based mainly upon services, amenities, accessibility , proximity to certain schools or even just to comfort. We can say that New Cairo city is considered as an effective and profitable investment opportunity . 

New Cairo city is deemed as one of the biggest new communities in greater Cairo as it stretched on an area of 70000 acres , it’s well known for its gated communities. Residential compounds in New Cairo City are high standards and implied social classes

New Cairo city location / transportation 

The main road leading to the New Cairo city is the ring road which connects the city to both Maadi and Nasr city , Al Musheer corridor has also linked 6th of October bridge to roads leading to the city.  

As a relatively new area people could reach New Cairo through private cars or taxis and nowadays through Uber bus 

Also , the New Capital city is expected to draw an additional investment to New Cairo city 

Its finest and unique location helps real estate developments and investment companies rush to establish most important projects and compound in New Cairo City . 

5th settlement compounds list in New Cairo City :- 

  • Joya 
  • Larina
  • Hyde park 
  • Mountainview icity 
  • Nile park 
  • sodic

Universities / schools 

New Cairo city is a home for prestigious private universities such as the AUC, CIC, GUC and future university in Egypt 

Also, it has a number of high ranking international schools in New Cairo city such as Modern English School, New Cairo British International School and Green Heights International school 

Hangout spots and commercial Malls 

One of the landmarks of New Cairo City Cairo Festival City  a Mall stretched over an area of 700 acres and is knowing for offering spots for international clothing brands and famous dinning venues. New Cairo city residents are enjoying beautiful venues and massive malls such as Downtown Katameya Mall , Porto Cairo , the seven stars Mall and Meeting Point. 

Desicion buy :- 

That was 5th settlement compounds list, If you are interested in a future resale value , it’s preferable to invest in New Cairo City as it’s expected to boom in the nearby future.