Paris Mall New Capital

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Paris Mall New Capital

Pyramids Real Estate Company has launched its latest project “ Paris Mall “ in new capital city after launching its residential project  La Capitale which is located in south ben zayed area.

Pyramids Real Estate Company

It’s a leading real estate development company which was incorporated in France in 2000 and started its business in Egypt in 2013 . it’s considered to be a pioneering developer of integrated master-planned communities.

Its projects outside Egypt :-

  • Development of the louvre and development of french parliament .
  • IBIS hotel and holiday inn hotel
  • Many educational facilities , residential and commercial buildings
  • Development of nearly 600 residential units in 2003 / 2004

In Egypt , it’s considered to be one of the largest contractors carrying out the work of  the Army such as road networks – hospitals – residential complexes

12 villas , 32 residential units and 33 buildings and part of the infrastructure of the new capital city .

Pyramids owns 3 plots of lands in New Capital City and a French school

Paris Mall New Capital

Paris Mall New Capital is the third mall and one of the most exciting and unique projects of pyramids company , its design based on international standards to be a sign and an address for luxury lifestyle

It’s set on area about 8500 meters in the financial and business district in new capital city with an estimated investment about 800 million L.E.

Paris Mall New Capital consists of a ground floor and 7 floors , it has 600 units varies between administrative , commercial and medical units .

Location :-

Paris Mall New Capital featured with its magnificent location where it’s located in the financial & business district directly in front of the council of ministries street which means all ministries around it so the density of the buildings there exceeds about 80% which means large population density and that’s what commercial business needs .

It’s located in MU23 in a main street surrounded by all the entertainment areas making it a unique and distinctive location .

Buildings / areas

Paris Mall New Capital is about 7 floors , consists of 600 units varies between commercial , administrative and medical units

Areas are starting from 20 m²up to 200 m² .

Services :-

Paris Mall New Capital is offering a wide range of services to make residents feel happy , comfortable and content and help to make his choice right and smart .

  • First aqua park in the new capital city
  • Portable theatre
  • Largest entertainment area of the public in front of the mall
  • Cafes / restaurants
  • International brands

Payment methods :-

5% down payment

5% after 3 months

The rest of installments up to 15 years , that’s why it’s considered to be the most powerful offer real estate in new capital city .  

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