The Land New Capital

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The Land New Capital

The land developer has recently introducing to the egyptian market its latest project “ Armonia “ in the new administrative capital city .

The Land developer by the chairman and managing director Mr.Ahmed El tayebi is newly established with a distinctive vision in penetrating the real estate market .

El tayebi development has paved away for a fresh new take on real estate development through Land developer company to implement innovative concepts in the Egyptian market

About The Land Land Developer

Newly established in 2018, it’s an Egyptian real estate development joint stock company that brings a wealth of commercial and real estate experience through their joint shareholders

( El tayebi development with 40%, Bosch A-part with 40% and Steel and Concrete company 20% )

The Land developer vision is building value through mixed use residential developments based on elegant and luxurious modern architecture and landscaping .

We are aiming to achieve quality performance , true competence and deliver on our promises.  

We are committed to upscale quality which is why we introduce modern solutions incorporate new advances in design

Armonia features :-

Armonia New Capital is a smart architectural concept where living inside a park is the dominating theme .

It’s set on area of 41 acres with buildings standing on 7 floors with total units about 1750

Armonia is offering different facilities and various entertainment services , all complementing the idea of life within a park by maintaining more than 80% green spaces.

Armonia is aiming to adopt a different approach in which it seeks to add value through upscale standards of designs and implementation to achieve maximum comfort , privacy and views rather than maximizing project occupancy .

It’s worth to mention that armonia is planning to offer maximum comfort , exceptional standards ,unique management , designs are masterpieces last forever and delivering units on time .

There is a story worth to telling of naming the project Armonia , land developer was referring to the word harmony , it seeks to create harmony of the details of the project with other factors , all are moving on with the same spin , Armonia witnesses a harmony between the project details and the resident .

Location :-

Armonia is located in the heart of new capital in the R7, close to the diplomatic zone and prestigious neighborhood .

Buildings :-

Armonia is offering different areas of units starting from 80 m², 150 m² , 185 m²

Duplex units are in 6th and 7th floor with dual traces and upstairs for the terrace and internal upstairs

Facilities :-

Armonia like no other residential project , seeking to offer different facilities to let it unique in terms of luxury and privacy

  • Pets park
  • Gym
  • Kids area
  • Multi purposes areas
  • Gym / spa
  • Clubhouses
  • Tennis playgrounds
  • Pharmacy
  • Cafes  / restaurants
  • Kids area between building for the enjoyment of your children

Prices :-

Starting from 10000 to 12000

Payment plans


5 % down payment , 10% after 3 months up to 8 years

8% maintenance ‘

Park :- 80000

Clubhouse :- 80000

Finishing :- unfinished units but we can finish it to you with extra fees

Delivery date :- 3.5 years