sodic new zayed

sodic new zayed

sodic new zayed has been of the leading developers for the past decade and now its coming back sodic new zayed with an extremely elite project  “ the estates “ following it with “VYE “ to be the first developer who offers a project in New Zayed city

What is sodic ? 

Sodic was incorporated in Egypt in 1996 and listed as Cairo stock exchange , nowadays sodic is one of the leading real estate development companies in Egypt, encouraging innovation and challenging convention . 

Sodic building on history of almost two decades of successful operations bringing to the market award- winning large scale developments , meeting Egypt’s ever growing need for high quality housing, commercial and retail spaces . 

Sodic projects :- westtown medical centre 

                            East town residence 

                             Villette new cairo 

                              Sodic east 

                               October plaza


Sodic area interest in :- El sheikh zayed 

                                      6th october 

                                      New cairo

                                      North coast 

                                      New capital 

                                      Cairo alex road

Sodic goes nowadays for investing in New Zayed , in the following lines we will be mentioning why developers shift investing in this area. 

What is New Zayed city ? 

New zayed city is one of the residential cities of the ministry of housing and urban communities , it’s considered to be an extension to shiekh zayed city  covering an area of 21000 acres in a prime location northwest of the current shiekh zayed city . it’s expected that the population will reach 300000 to 1000000 after the expansion of shiekh zayed city .

SODIC New Zayed location :- 

It’s an extension of the current new shiekh zayed city , located in the northwest area of the shiekh zayed city , close to many important landmarks in the city such as sphinx airport, smart village and the industrial area of Abu Rawash and the grand Egyptian museum .  

New zayed city features 

  • It’s easily accessible by some major roads such as Cairo – Alexandria desert road 
  • It’s planned to build roads or bridges linking the new city to the current city and the implementation of new entrances to the Alexendria road and Dahshur link . 
  • It offers nearly 72942 residential units 
  • It’s considered to be an amazing extension for the luxurious shiekh zayed city 
  • It’s characterized by fast and easy access to the neighborhoods of East Cairo and the north coast through the new road network built in the areas surrounding this extension 
  • It’s distinguished by its proximity to the new sphinx airport and the grand Egyptian museum 

New zayed city facilities / amenities 

  • Central gardens 
  • Shops and exhibitions 
  • Artificial lakes 
  • Commercial  and entertainment areas 
  • Kids area 

What are the investing project by sodic  in new zayed city ? 

  • The estates 
  • vye

 What is the Estates new zayed ? 

The estates is an integrated project covers 150 acres located on Cairo- Alexandria desert road  focused on what’s most important to residents / clients . 

In the Estates project residents will experience the best of the best as it offers a high level of luxury amenities , style and quality that cement signatures as SODIC flagship developments 

The Estates location:- 

It located 2 mins to sodic west , 3 mins to sphinx airport , 17 mins to mehwar , 12 mins to Arkan , 15 mins to grand  Egyptian museum , 25 to Mohandseen , 50 mins to Heliopolis 

The Estates buildings 

It offers 545 units varies between twin houses and separate villas  surrounded by breathtaking views , green areas and artificial lakes . 

The Estates amenities / services 

  • Clubs 
  • Supermarkets 
  • Animal clinic
  • Clinic 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Laundry 

The Estates payment plan :- 

5% down payment 

10% after 3 months 

5% on delivery date 

80% up to 8 years equal installments .

Finishing units :- semi-finished  

Delivery time :- after 3 years  on 2023 

What is vye sodic new zayed ?

vye sodic new zayed  is a distinguished mixed – use ( residential and commercial )  project by sodic developments in New Zayed located in Shiekh Zayed nearby the Estates project  it’s built over an area of 2.1 million m² and designed to offer spacious homes ranging from flat villas to town and twin houses , it lets homeowners to enjoy greenery and endless views of nature so it gives you the experience of living in a resort . it’s considered to be a new thinking of the mixed -use project and integrated developments, it’s distinguished by an access from el mehwar el markazy that starts from waslet Dahshur . 

VYE new zayed location :- 

 VYE New Zayed  located directly on the Cairo – Alexandria desert road , moments away from the vibrant sodic west and minutes from sphinx international airport nearaby the Estates project . 

There is an access from el mehwar el markazy that starts from waslet Dahshur . 

VYE New Zayed buildings 

VYE New Zayed offers luxurious spacious villas with different garden areas  , townhouses , twin houses , duplexes and apartments with different areas .

Units finishing :- Core & Shell 

VYE Sodic facilities / amenities :- 

VYE New Zayed  offers various facilities to make clients and residents feel comfortable and content 

  • Lavish residence 
  • Leisure and entertainment 
  • Educational institution and colleges 
  • Health care 
  • Commercial and business areas . 

Payment plans :- 

5 % down payment and installments up to 8 years . 

Payment terms :- 

5000 L.E for apartments 

10000 L.E. for townhouses & twin houses 

*Nova Park apartments
2 bed: starting 1.55
3 bed: starting 2
*Neo apartments
2 bed: starting 2
3 bed: starting 2.6
-Without penthouse: starting 3.7
-With penthouse: starting 4.6
-Townhouse corner: starting 4.8
*Twin: starting 5.5
5% down payment and instalments over 8 years
o Single Family
1. Twin houses- 230SQM to 240 SQM (land area 280 SQM)
2. Townhouse TYPE 1- 180 SQM (Land area 210 to 280 SQM)
3.Townhouse TYPE 2- 195 SQM (without penthouse, land area 210 SQM)
4.Townhouse TYPE 2- 225 SQM (with penthouse, Land area: 200 to 285 SQM)
o Multiple Family (Gross to net 11.5-12%). Building G+3 (4 apartments per floor)
1. 2BDR:
· 108 SQM
· 120 SQM
· 130 SQM
· 169 SQM
2. 3BDR:
·142 SQM
·158 SQM
·183 SQM
·194 SQM
·197 SQM
3. Duplex:
·297 SQM
· Finishing: Semi Finished



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