Compound Armonia New Capital


Own your piece of art with 5% down payment and installments up to 10 years at the very well designed Armonia by The Land Developers in New Capital!
Armonia is the latest gemstone at the New Capital with a very precise and unusual concept of design; enjoy the perfect harmony between very purely designed buildings with white stones that represent sky clouds creating comfort for the eyes, and parks with a comprehensive engineering equation that makes
residents live inside the park.
Along with the phenomenal designs, enjoy a number of amenities from a jogging network, yoga space, swimming pools, dogs park, bicycle lane, family park, soccer field, tennis court, outdoor gyms to restaurant decks.






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Compound Armonia New Capital


Compound Armonia New Capital Established in 2018, The Land Developers is an Egyptian real estate development joint stock company that brings a wealth of commercial and real estate experience through their joint shareholders. The three major shareholders are El Tayebi Developments, Bosch A-part who own the franchising rights of Bosch in Egypt and with the Steel & Concrete Company.


The Land Developers has an extensive real estate experience inherited from El Tayebi Developments a well-established name operating since 2006 with completed high-end projects in the finest districts of Maadi to New Cairo, West Golf, and Alexandria. El Tayebi’s strong portfolio of boutique developments which started out catering mostly to an expat clientele with specifically tailored foreign standards has added to their industry expertise with a unique approach of implementation very distinctive to the market.


Along with The Steel & Concrete Company as well as Bosch A-part, El Tayebi Developments has paved way for a fresh new take on real estate development through The Land Developers to implement innovative concepts in a very saturated Egyptian market by offering a higher level of product.


The Land Developers has announced its debut flagship project Armonia,
located in the New Administrative Capital that will be launched in April 2019




Location Comopund Armonia New Capital


New living Concept in harmony with
nature at New Capital. Variety of living spaces
with unparalleled designs at a Superior
location neighboring the diplomatic village




Here at TLD we make the intangible tangible,
through considering how the single drop of water is the
beginning of any life form starting with a tiny seed in
the project which grows in each step of the way towards
creating Armonia.Starting by our Park which might seem
randomly scattered all over the project, but it’s made
with a comprehensive engineering equation that makes
our residents live inside the park creating the living spine
of Armonia.
Buildings are designed purely with white stones that
represents clouds in the sky creating comfort for the eyes
that beholds such beauty, creating a harmony with nature
for all residents.


Armonia features unmatched Amenities categorized
according to the different age brackets of Armonia
residents, you experience the true harmony strolling
around the park and passing by the activities engineered
within. A walk in the park will revive your spirit Making
Armonia one complete being where ultimate harmony
is met between residents, nature and buildings which
distinguishes us from any other projects
Armonia ultimate harmony envisioned perfectly


Our goal is to create the
perfect living space for you
and your family so you can
enjoy creating new memories.


A fresh beginning for
you where you can start a new
journey of love and happiness
at Armonía.


Positive vibes spread like
a fragrant scent. Our green
areas are designed to fill your
soul with positive energy so
you can start every day with a


Facilities IN Armonia New Capital


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