sila misr italia

sila misr italia

sila misr italia is an Egypt’s real estate developer announced soon the launch of the newest phase “sila misr italia” in the world class, integrated residential  project il bosco city in El Mostakbal city offering villas and apartments with different spaces in sila new cairo .

Misr Italia Real Estate Developer :-

It’s a real estate developer which is built on philosophy of creativity & innovation , it offers to clients classy integrated projects with unique concepts and designs that are unmatched with the market .

Here’s a new addition of success for misr italia in el mostakbal city after the series of success in in new capital city and projects like il bosco new capital city, la nuova lavista , and vinci villas

Misr italia keen to listen to customers who are considered to be the inspiration to stay ahead with innovative real estate solutions and designs .

We can notice lately that most of the investors , developers and clients go for el mostakbal city .

Here are in the next few lines some facts about el mostakbal city

What is ilbosco city ?

Misr Italia keen to let il bosco city an integrated residential project with international standards , Misr italia focused to do everything new to serve the customer inside the compound to never let him to go outside to satisfy his needs , inside il bosco city you will meet all your needs , you will reach maximum comfort you and your family .

Il bosco city combines between luxury and elegance , it helps to change lifestyle to new thought in the new cairo .

Buildings designed with the highest standards with a great and well-qualified architectures ,

Il bosco city designed on both new and modern designs to suit the current era .

Misr italia has announced that il bosco city is going to be a great achievement in El Mostakbal city and a distinguished project in terms of its privileged location in El Mostakbal city

Services of il bosco city – Misr Italia

  • Cinema
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Spa
  • Clubhouse
  • Kids area
  • Educational services
  • 24/24 hrs security
  • Shopping mall
  • Pharmacies

All the mentioned services and more you will enjoy in sila misr italia ., catch the chance for a luxury life in a smart city with its own vision El Mostakbal city .