sila il bosco city


sila il bosco city After the massive success of IL BOSCO and Vinci in the New Capital City , Misr Italia directed its investment to El Mostakbal city and succeeded to let its latest project “ IL BOSCO City “ an extension success to Il Bosco New Capital and nowadays Misr Italia is launching its newest phase sila new cairo  in El Mostakbal City offering limited and different types of units with different spaces.


sila il bosco city in El Mostaqbal city by Misr Italia

Whats is SILA IL BOSCO City ?

  • SILA is planned to be an exclusive destination with breathtaking landscapes offering limited units its designs are far away from traditional models.
  • SILA will be an ideal experience truly connected with the surrounding community
  • SILA will be connected to all the project of ILBOSCO City and residents will enjoy ( commercial , entertainment and Medical ) services and amenities e.g. International school, Medical center , Sport club , Green space ,Cafes, Restaurants , Kids area , Security and Guards.

When we mention sila il bosco city , we should mention more details for ILBOSCO City itself


City of future , one of the largest cities that has a distinctive location the client may look for , it’s located in the heart of El Mostakbal city located between the 5th settlement and the New Capital City

ILBOSCO City features that SILA residents will enjoy :-

  • Vast green areas
  • Stunning landscapes
  • Forest forms
  • Unique trees
  • Artificial lakes

What makes SILA-IL BOSCO City a smart choice ?

  • All the units designed on international standards with the collaboration of well-experienced architectures
  • You will enjoy different commercial , entertainment and medical services
  • You will enjoy beauty of nature providing healthy atmosphere
  • If you are looking for privacy, safety and new lifestyle then you should go for SILA-IL BOSCO City
  • SILA-IL BOSCO City launched and developed by the well-known real estate company Misr Italia

Finally, in the following lines we will find the answer to the common question:

what is Misr Italia Development ?

Misr Italia is one of the largest companies in the field of Real Estate investment and has a special vision and added a new concept of modern residential life. It has its own philosophy of innovation , excellence and creativity to provide its customers with sophisticated designs to cope with the modern area.