Palm Hills New Alamein

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Palm Hills New Alamein

Palm Hills New Alamein

Palm Hills New Alamein Company offers a distinctive project in the heart of the New Worlds City, a Palm Hills New Worlds project, where this project is distinguished by its privileged location as it is located in the most prestigious places in the New World.

Palm Hills New Alamein was designed on the latest modern engineering designs to make it a distinctive project, and the company has made every effort to provide an integrated service project to dazzle everyone who owns a unit in this huge project.

Palm Hills New Alamein

This new Palm Hills El Alamein project features a set of the best features, and the most important of these features are:

1- Children’s play area.

2- Swimming pools for children.

Shared health club.

3- Common swimming pools.

4- Security and guard service that works throughout the day and the hour.

5- A distinguished restaurant that offers the best hotel services.

6- A shared gym.

Unit cleaning service.

7- This project overlooks industrial lakes.

8- BBQ area.

9- Covered parking

Animals are allowed.

10- A large electronic portal in order to protect the entire project from the inside and outside.

Palm Construction and Real Estate Development have identified a set of different payment methods to suit all clients which are:

1- 0% down payment and the amount is paid in installments over 12 years.

2- A cash discount of 35% is made.

Palm Hills Construction and Real Estate Development Company:

Palm Hills Construction and Real Estate Development is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market in the field of investment and development, as it develops residential and commercial projects. The company was established in 2005, and the company has established many projects in many cities and places, the most important of which is the Palm Hills construction and real estate development project.

Palm Hills Construction and Real Estate Development Projects:

Palm Hills New Cairo:

This project is considered one of the company’s latest projects, and this project may be characterized by designs that suit the modern spirit, and a physical division of residential units, green spaces, green spaces and water bodies.

This project is located near the New Administrative Capital, 5 minutes from Suez Road and 10 minutes from 90th Street and Al Rehab City, and is located on an area of ​​500 acres; 400 acres have been divided for residential units and the rest for services.

This project provides a range of services, including international schools and a large commercial mall as it provides all the services that everyone who lives in this project needs, and this project provides a group of different spaces between apartments, villas and twin houses, and the company provided a set of facilities in payment and payment where Pay 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 7 and a half years.

Capital Gardens Palm Hills:

Palm Hills Construction and Real Estate Development Company offers a distinctive residential project, and this project is one of the most beautiful projects in New Cairo, as it offers a life full of fun and luxury, where the area of ​​this project is 103 acres, 79% of this area is dedicated to creating green spaces, cycling and walking.

The location of this project was carefully chosen with the aim of investing in the rush to invest in this distinctive place that provides entertainment and basic services, and among the most important features of this project:

1- Water fountains.

2- A large shopping center.

3- A commercial area.

4- Swimming pools.

5- Security and guarding.

6- Health club.

7- Sports club.

8- Social club.

Palm Parks, 6th of October:

This project was established on an area of ​​103 acres and is distinguished by its location because it is close to the city of services on the 6th of October, and this project contains a set of various services such as medical clinics, tourist pools, a commercial mall and sports fields.

This project consists of 924 housing units, with unit areas ranging from 150 square meters to 360 square meters, and the price per square meter in this project starts from 18,500 pounds.

The Crown Palm Hills October:

This project is considered one of the most important projects of Palm Hills Construction and Real Estate Development, and this project was built on an area of ​​190 acres, and the largest area of ​​it was allocated to services, recreational areas and green spaces. Spaces. The spaces start from 300 square meters.

New Worlds City:

The new city of Alamein is one of the fourth generation cities, and is distinguished by its privileged location. A number of mega projects have been built on his land. The area of ​​the new city of Alamein is 48 thousand acres, and it consists of two main sectors: the coastal sector and the tourism sector.

Where is the New Worlds City located?

The new city of Alamein is located within the governorate of Mars Matrouh, with a length of 48 km from the international road. The boundaries of the new city of El Alamein start from Wade El Natroun road to El Dabaa.

The units in the new city of Alamein were divided into 10,000 housing units, and include the coastal sector of the distinguished residential neighborhood, the conference center, the Fanara Marina, the El Alamein Gardens neighborhood, the Khalas resort, and a cultural center. Exhibition grounds and towers up to 35 square meters.

If you are looking for a distinctive residential unit, you should contact Palm Hills Construction and Real Estate Development Company, and own a distinct unit in one of the company’s projects, which is the Palm Hills New Worlds project, where fun, comfort and relaxation.


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