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First, I will speak about a great project which is midtown codo New Capital  It was achieved in the land of the new Capital.In addition,it is the latest estate of the art project.. Our company designed midtown solo to be a witness of the great efforts on the development of the art project.

We made it in a very calm and beautiful place in the new capital.  midtown solo also to provide you with an excellent atmosphere and make you live in a world of luxury and enjoyment.established midtown solo on a wide area which was about 200 acres.


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midtown condo by Better Home

Second, midtown condo new capital . It is one of the greatest companies in Egypt. It is a leading real estate developer in Egypt. It established many villages and industrial cities. These villages distinguished by their beauty and luxurious design.  the village of Moses Coast which locates in Ras Sudr.

It built also the Compound of Lanova Vista which exists in the fifth assembly.It made also a lot of projects in Egypt. Beginning with economic housing projects, small to medium-sized factories and luxurious residential properties and tourism resorts. .It combines the best domestic and international trends to deliver projects to enhance the lives and experiences of Egyptian families, youth and businessmen.


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midtown condo master plan

Third, midtown condo is well planned to create an excellent atmosphere of relaxation. It has a lot of places to make its residents feel good and comfortable.There is a vertical forest where a number of iconic towers with vertically integrated landscapes. There is also a club where you can play with your friends. You can also make your children play there and you can meet your friends in it.

The club is located at the heart of the vertical forest. There is also a wide amount of the meadows where the fields of seasonal wildflowers, grasses and native plant arrangements. There is also a park where the natural landscape connecting to man-made open spaces and gardens.There is also a cliff and this cliff provides a Greek view to the area.

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midtown condo
midtown condo
midtown condo
midtown condo

midtown condo location

Fourth,midtown condo lies in the heart of the new capital city along the Mohamed Bin Zayed St. It overlooks to the green river. It situated amongst exclusive resident districts and connected to the main lines of transportation. It locates besides very important landmark places as the Opera House, the diplomatic district, the financial district andthe medical and academic city. midtown condo is far only 10 minutes from the new Cairo.

Services & Amenities:-

Finally, midtown condo  owners will enjoy with a lot of services and facilities. In the same time, they can persuade their relatives to live in midtown condo  and enjoy with them also. These services and facilities include enjoying with the swimming pool, the club,meadows, and the view of the cliff. There are cafes,restaurants, artificial lakes,gym,parking, security 24/7, nursery and medical Center and mosque.midtown solo new capital roofs to give a plenty of entertainment and enjoyment for their customers. Our customers will enjoy also with the great design of our flats and the open areas which we made them to make owners enjoy.



Apartments ,RANGING FROM 110 SQM UP TO 375 SUM


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