Oia New Capital

About Oia New Capital

We know your needs well so, we carried out a place where you can find anything you need. Our new project is located in a perfect place where everything is available around you. This new project is called Oia New Capital.

Our project is strategically placed as an island overlooking 4 main roads in one of the best locations in the New Capital. Oia means different and it is a name of a Greek island. There are many open green areas in Oia which will make you enjoy in every moment in your life. This project will be developed on an area which will be about 30 acres.

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About Oia New Capital

oia towers new capital After the success of the OIA Edge Holding Compound, “the first Egyptian-Saudi partnership,” the development of the highest towers in the New Administrative Capital, the prime location in Down Town, on 4 main roads in front of the Bin Zayed Axis and the Green River, directly next to the Al Masah Hotel. Administrative units, commercial units, and hotel apartments of various sizes
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Oia New Capital by Edge Holding

This great project carried out by Edge Holding. It established in 2018. Edge Holding is a result of a huge mutual fund between Al-Borouj Egypt and El-Mashareq KSA. It was established to seize the huge investment opportunity in Egypt. Edge Holding has a huge vision for the real-estate business in Egypt and with huge plans for the future. They aim to create new experiences for their clients. Edge Holding aims also to deliver projects which answer the needs and dreams of the Egyptians. Clarity and transparency is their main motto driving their dreams forward.

Oia New Capital master plan

This project is well planned to give the owners of the buildings a perfect life. There will be mixed use area which Built on a total of 18,000sqm. The commercial area annexed to Oia’s residential units will serve the owners and provide the day to day needs with the highest quality of tents. Oia New Capital is offering a wide range of types of buildings to fulfill the different needs of the Egyptian market. The buildings are ranging from 2 bedroom 123sqm up to a 3bedroom 268sqm. All units are design to best space ratio possible to give each unit the optimum living space. The buildings are overlooking landscape and water features

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Units available in Oia New Capital

       Oia New Capital location

Oia New Capital is located in a very distinguished place where you will find everything is available. Its location is perfect for the owners of the buildings. Oia New Capital is located in the residential district R7. This district is distinguished in the capital, because it is located between the embassies districts and exhibition area. Oia New capital is located also opposite to Mega Mall. It is only few minutes to reach the Mohammed bin Zayed South axis. Oia overlooks to the green river.

Services & Amenities:-

You will find many services and amenities in Oia New Capital. There are open green spaces where you can smell fresh air there. You will find swimming pools where you can swim and enjoy with water freely. There is a club house where you can meet your friends there in anytime. You will find a private parking for each unit. There is bike lane where you can play with your bicycle freely. You will find tennis court. There is multi ball playing court where you can play many sports as basketball, football and volleyball. You will find also restaurants and cafes where you can take various foods and drinks there. There is a 24 hour security.



apartments RANGING FROM 120 SQM UP TO 222 SUM



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