Marquee Business Park 

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Marquee Business Park 

What is Marquee Business Park ? 

Marquee Business Park is an opportunity for real investment in new capital city with the most promising developer in the Egyptian market Bloom Warran Developers

Marquee Business Park is the best profitability commercial building in the financial district – New Capital City offering a prime location with the least prices. It’s considered to be a premier lifestyle and leisure destination in which it brings the good life to the neighborhood not only their basic needs but also creating vibrant community hubs. 

Marquee Business Park made to be distinct , creative and innovative building , it’s provides the trademark concepts and services, making it one of the favourite gathering places in the New Capital City . 

Why should i invest in New Capital City ? 

New Capital City considered to be the dream that’s coming true everyday , the time new capital city is going to be complete and finishing construction , it will help in elimination of the traffic crisis , raising the standard of living , reduce the crowded and overrated areas , it will be the reason to get rid of slums , it will provide job opportunities for the youth , it will build new housing complexes , save time for citizens to end their interests and work . 

The new capital city planned to have nearly 7 millions people in the first phase only and offers 1.5 million job opportunities .

New Capital City raises the curiosity of many investors and real estate researchers . it will be the city which will introduce a new concept of the nature of residential life in egypt . investment in the new capital city considered to be the best investment for the Egyptian and foreign investors 

The smart real estate investor is the one who will invest in the new capital city with more than one project because new capital city is egypt’s future project . 

New Capital City will be the first investment list in all projects without competitors , it’s the future of real estate investment during the next four years because of the government direction to it and the launching of multiple projects by Egyptian and Arab investors in terms of compounds and towers of 30 floors .We can say , New Capital City is considered to be a kick start for Egypt’s economy 



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