Ezan Developments New Cairo

Ezan Developments New Cairo is one of the rising companies in the real estate market with an extensive
experience in various functions of real estate, from construction to architectural
design and project development.
Ezan’s name comes from “Etezan” meaning balance in Arabic, which reflects
the balance we aim to bring to our customers’ lives with an innovative real estate
product that evens between customers’ needs, the market changes, successful
investment, and futuristic strategies.
Our vision is focused on aligning the changing needs of both the customer and the
industry. Such vision was driven from a 50 year-experience of EGYGAB Holding
that introduces diverse innovative residential, commercial, administrative, and
educational projects including Family City, Granda Compounds, and The Edge;
as well as The Egyptian International School in the Fifth Settlement.

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A comprehensive destination
somewhere in between

Rolling out on an impressive 20 acres of land, The Median Residences is everything impossible made possible in a prime location within the Taj City zone. Imaginatively masterplanned by the leading Ezan, the project sets the perfect balance between luxury and reason, thanks to its fully-integrated alchemy where commercial, educational, spiritual and natural distinction live at your door. Designed in absolute harmony with nature, The Median Residences boasts 74% of green, breathing landscapes while offering a flexible variety of unit types ranging from elegantly appointed 1 Bedroom to spacious 2-3 bedroom apartments. Life at The Median places residents’ life in between relaxation and day-long entertainment, guaranteeing a balanced lifestyle where price and worth finally me

ezan developments

The perfect median
between price & worth

The Median Residences provides an innovative outlook
on integrated living where functional simplicity meets
affordable luxury in one place. The project is expertly
designed around contemporary needs to boast
residences of utmost modernity and ultimate comfort.
By putting privacy at the forefront of its masterplan,
The Median Residences opens residents’s eyes on a
sanctuary of calm where units are evenly spaced out in
between guaranteeing maximized views on breathing
landscapes and flowing lakes, as well as uninterrupted
peace of mind. Each building block accommodates
cutting-edge elevators and chic marble stairs, in
addition to inviting porcelain corridors, two entrances for
utmost convenience and an underground parking slots.

An accessible Median between here and there

The Median Residences is ideally
enjoying a prime location between
the Ring Road and Suez Road.
The project has been carefully
planned with residents’ convenience
in mind, only few minutes away from
New Cairo, Heliopolis and Nasr City.

Cairo Festival City 5km

Cairo International Airport 2km
Jw Marriot 1km
Citystars 7km
City Center Almaza 5km
Garden 8 6km
O1 mall – Ezan Sales Office 5km
Rehab City 5km
Nasr City 9km
Heliopolis 8km

ezan developments

An inspiring Median between art & design

Sleek, contemporary and more than meets
the eye, The Median Residences sets new
standards in artful living. The project puts
emphasis on broad, expansive streets
accommodating 1,200 m2 of flowing lakes
and breathtaking gardens to inspire its
community’s wellbeing in every direction.
Homes at The Median Residences are a
modern interpretation of unique elegance
and streamlined functionality where space
and views smartly intertwine.

ezan developments

A Lively Median between recreation & entertainment

Living at The Median Residences is enjoying every minute of every day without having to
leave the commuity. The project surrounds its community with a state-of-the-art mall, an
elegantly appointed social club and a nursery for quality education. Ideal for young families
and couples alike, The Median Residences offers triple play and smart homes and safe
kids areas & fun playgrounds for the little ones, a state-of-the-art mosque, as well as large
bicycle tracks to keep everyone energized.

The future is smart Interconnectivity at your fingertips

The Median Residences offers its community the
latest in advanced technology, backed-up by triple
play. Residents can enjoy accelerated productivity
and entertainment by activating internet service,
television, and fixed phone using optical fibers of
the highest standards, The Median Residences
values its community’s convenience and utmost
comfort. Therefore, all homes adopt smart living
features from controlling lighting and temperature
remotely with one click on their smart device
to setting the overall mood of their ambience to
enjoy a customized living experience.

Bicycle Tracks Inspiring Well-Being

The Median residences boasts an interconnected
network of safe and expansive bicycle tracks to
foster seamless mobility within the compound
while inspiring its community’s well-being through
delightful exercise. The project has been expertly
designed to mimic European lifestyles where
active movement is made simple, day in, day out.

Kids Entertainment Fostering Fun Development

Every aspect of the Median residences has been
carefully planned with kids’ entertainment and
development in mind. The project boasts a safe,
open-air kids area, lined with interactive games
and mind-provoking activities , as well as a
dedicated playground where families can unwind
as their children slide, swing or simply interact.

Top-Class Nursery For Quality Education

the Median residences puts convenience at
the forefront of its masterplan. Therefore, the
development offers a state-of-the-art nursery at
your door to ensure kids learn in engaging settings
while benefiting from top-class education, thanks
to professional tutors in every discipline.

An Elegantly Appointed Social Club For daily amusement

The Median Residences Social Club is a lively
destination at your door, inviting every lifestyle to
belong and enjoy. Rolling out on 600 m2, the social
club offers an abundant variety of activities and
basic essentials, powered by impeccable service
to transform every day into a treasured memory.

An Iconic Mall For a unique shopping experience

Planned on an impressive 7,800 m2 of land, The
Median Residences Mall is an iconic shopping
destination, offering the community direct access,
as well as all their needs in one place. From topclass brands and retail luxuries to indulgent dining
experiences and non-stop entertainment, the mall is
a lively destination inviting the community to enj


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