compound al maqsad

compound al maqsad

compound al maqsad

compound al maqsad New Capital After the huge success of city edge real estate developments mega investment projects like New Mansoura , Etaba and North Edge . city edge has launched recently its huge project “ El maqsad “ in new capital city

compound El maqsad new capital By City edge

City edge company is working hard on this project focusing and keeping an eye on the details to let El maksad new capital huge project and new vision of the future .

City edge development is a leading firm that’s in charge of all it’s projects from their early stages to the after sales activities including customer care , handover and facility management also, it will handle the product review and construction project management . moreover, on the commercial side will create projects branding , positioning , marketing tools and whole sales process with all the edges , pricing , payment terms and sales plan .

Compound El maqsad New Capital considered to be an unique project in terms of luxury and elegance , all the designs are planned to be on modern style ,designed by well-experienced technicians and architectures to meet all the client tastes .

al maqsad new capital  is aiming to meet the client desires and letting him achieve his home dream . all the designs having the features of the modern architectural art which is going on with the future .

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