city edge new capital

city edge new capital

City edge development recently has launched its first destination ready for you in new capital city named it al maksad .

What is City Edge Development?

City edge development one of the successful real estate companies focusing on introducing progressive design concepts to the real estate market with exceptional living experiences through suburban residential communities and best in class mixed use projects .

It strives to become the national brand for premium real estate development in Egypt

City edge is working on earning your trust , it’s capable and proudly qualified for your trust .

City edge has succeeded in new alamein , mansoura and recently directing to new capital city with it’s mega investment project El  maksad .

What’s city edge new capital newly offering in Al maksad New Capital ?

city edge new capital is promised to deliver fully-finished homes . Al maksad homes is a home for those who don’t have time to waste . it’s a district where surrounded by all capital city amenities , services and residential projects .

Your home styled with bright porcelain reception flooring , rich HDF wood in all rooms complemented with a clean coat of acrylic paint on walls . neat ceramic tiles structure the kitchen and bathrooms , take in consideration the base is clean cut and fresh , the rest of the creativity is on you .

You can get your home on key without plan 4 years delivery like other projects .

Al maksad New Capital features

Al maksad project is aiming to be the birth of an idea of delivering your home without a plan of  4 years delivery . you can get your home in new capital city finishing constructions while everything else is still in the works .

Most of the clients are looking for getting their home on the key instead of plans and brochures that’s why Al maksad was born for .

Al maksad was made to be the first destination when it comes to a new home . there is no risks involved .

Location :-

Al maksad district built on area about 211 feddans , it’s accessible to all main roads in new capital city along with ain / suez roads , it’s to close to new capital airport and valley of embassies surrounded by prominent landmarks in the new capital such as cultural , academic , smart and industrial cities , also it’s so close to canadian and european universities .

It was a smart investment for city edge to direct its projects to new capital city as new capital city became one of the attracting areas it’s an area about 170000 feddans split into residential areas , it has international airport , parks , electric train , medical facilities , schools , universities

All this and above will be home to 15 million people and elmaksad residents going to get use of such luxury and services .

Buildings / areas

Al maksad new capital made up of mediterranean and modern villas , twin villas , penthouses and townhouses that will be the first fully – finished homes to light up the new capital city .

Al maksad new capital is a luxury and elegant place , it’s offering I-villas , twin houses and townhouses fully finished super lux  with different areas and prices to give the client a chance to choose which suits it well .

Al maksad buildings divided into villas , penthouses , twin houses and townhouses with various areas 464 , 412, 380 , 537 , 391, 357, 514, 478, 448, 570, 426, 392

The client has the chance to choose the suitable area from him

The interior design of the units is between roof terrace with different areas , bedrooms , bathrooms , stair , reception

Amenities :-

  • Public landscape and greenery between units

There is a huge of green areas and landscapes to help residents enjoy nature , good atmosphere and healthy environment

  • Bike lanes

Bike lane areas to let residents enjoy biking between green areas surrounded them

  • Commercial services centres

Residents will go to shopping malls and centres to buy their needs and international brand , will have fun n cafes and restaurants enjoying quality time with their families besides, because of elmaksad finest ;location residents can get use of most of new capital city services

Prices / Payment Plans

Stand alone villa :- 8.2 millions

Twin villas :- 6.7 millions

Townhouses :- 5.6 millions

Over 5 years

Al maksad New Capital offering different payment plans to let clients choose according to their budgets

3 years payment plan

5 years payment plan

7 years payment plan

Different payment plans with different prices .

Also , you can enjoy cash discount 27% .

What makes El maksad New Capital a smart choice ?

  • New capital city recently became one of the finest and important areas to invest in , so besides all the residential compounds in the new capital city El maksad compound is considered to be a place where clients can enjoy luxury , privacy , elegance and distinctive designs
  • El maksad New Capital  going to be a unique project achieving great investments
  • A maksad New Capital a world of privacy , good atmosphere and healthy environment because of green spaces and landscapes
  • A maksad New Capital considered to be different from the past , a vision of the future and completely different from other residential compounds in the new capital city .

al maksad New Capital no risks involved

Cut the red ribbon and be the first enjoying lights on in New Capital City .

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