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Bleu vert new capital

The saudi Egyptian construction company for Development is proudly launching its latest project “ Bleu vert new capital “

In the new capital city .

The Saudi Egyptian construction company

It’s one of the largest companies operating in the real estate market which has been responsible since its inception to address all categories of customers and was to choose their sites the direct impact on continuity through the market is always moving and needs new variables .

Saudi Egyptian Construction company is a company with long experience in real estate projects found in 1975 .

It’s clear from the name of the company that it’s a joint venture between the Egyptian and Saudi governments, the Egyptian ministry of housing provides the land ann the Saudi ministry of finance is responsible for building and financing the projects .

The company obtained the approval of the president of the republic issued with No 656 of the year 1975 , it started with capital of 50 millions distributed equally between the Egyptian and Saudi governments .

Throughout the long history of the company Saudi Egyptian construction company has established many projects reached 50 project by the mid of 2014 .

Saudi Egyptian construction company projects :-

Al abour

Zahrt assyout

Nile towers

Resort new damietta.

Elryad in el rehab to be

Residence Alex to be .

What is make the New Capital City is the best ?

New Capital City considered to be the dream that’s coming true everyday , the time new capital city is going to be complete and finishing construction , it will help in elimination of the traffic crisis , raising the standard of living , reduce the crowded and overrated areas , it will be the reason to get rid of slums , it will provide job opportunities for the youth , it will build new housing complexes , save time for citizens to end their interests and work .

The new capital city planned to have nearly 7 millions people in the first phase only and offers 1.5 million job opportunities .

New Capital City will have the city of knowledge ( smart city ) that will be one of the cultural development projects , it will adopt advanced information technology in all sectors both in terms of transportation and constructions . it will rely on renewable energy sources such as solar energy , as well as water treatment and using it in irrigating the green areas of the city .

New Capital City admittedly has become a new residential administrative entity that eliminates the crowd of the capital by moving out the ministries and government agencies , it reduces the burden of population and traffic crisis of the capital

The first phase of this mega project was completed and there is an alternative to the capital which is witnessing an extraordinary traffic congestion and new capital city become a city with smart services and distinct geographical location .

What is Bleu Vert  new capital city ?

Bleu vert  is an integrated project with full services established by one of the largest real estate companies Saudi Egyptian construction company which has achieved many successes in Egypt and the Arab  set on area about 70 feddans which is allowing more creativity and variety in the construction of its unit types between villas and apartments

We can see that villas are considered to be the largest share on Bleu Vert area as its about 60% of the total area while the rest is 40% for apartments .

Bleu vert new capital is offering luxury villas and apartments with unique designs on international standards .

Bleu vert is a compound where it addresses high – class categories , you will be surprised by every single detail starting from the unique design of the building ending to luxury services

Location :-

Saudi Egyptian construction company has known by its care and focus to choose unique locations for its projects in vital areas offering various services for its projects

Bleu vert located in a quiet area but lively at the same time , it’s located in a prime location E8 on ibn zayed axis directly to the heart of R7 next to bosco directly in front of celia compound ,it’s close to important landmarks 5 mins away from the cathedral close to el masah hotel .

Clients are attracted to its location because it’s an access for important and vital roads. Like the ring road , Ain sokhna , Suez road and the middle ring road , all this location features make an ease to residents to travel and move around the compound .

Areas / buildings

Bleu vert new capital is offering fully finished villas and apartments with different areas, the project includes 60 residential buildings including 1840 housing units , 98 villas including 70 villas , 18 villas , 2 villas and 10 separate villas .

Areas are starting from 60 m² up to 300 m²

Areas from 60 m² – 100 m² are with 1 bedroom

Areas from 190 m² are with 3 bedrooms

Areas from 146 m² are with 2 bedrooms

Payment plans in Bleu vert new capital

5% down payment , 5% after 3 months and the rest on equal installments up to 7 years

5% maintenance

Parking 90000 L.E.

Prices of Bleu vert new capital

Prices are starting from 13900 up 14500 L.E. which is considered to be relatively cheap compared to services bleu vert is offering .

Features and services make bleu vert a smart choice

  • It offers different areas for villas and apartments giving a chance to the customers to select depends on its budget
  • Bleu vert an integrated residential project offering various services to meet the needs of residents in the compound
  • It offers great ,unique and modern designs for high-end residential units
  • Club houses
  • Vast green areas that serve as safe park for the children and family
  • Large number of swimming pools , some for the children and others for adults .
  • Offering different payment plans
  • Offering units with competitive prices relatively cheap to the services provided
  • Unique location and prime location for whom are looking mainly for the location , it makes an ease for residents to move around and meets all services needed
  • Commercial area
  • Saudi Egyptian company is set on governmental basis and well-trusted company to those who are looking for name and good service.


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