Anakaji New Capital

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Anakaji New Capital

Anakaji new capital is a unique project different from any other projects of the new capital city. It’s characterized by the fact that it’s located in the heart of new administrative capital which become one of the most important areas and major source of many mega residential projects because it has many advantages and services which meet all the requirements of life.

Akar Misr Real Estate company recently launches it’s huge project in the new administrative capital which is a unique project never seen before in the new capital city.

Akar misr named and slogan the project with “ Houses look at the world “.it has its own vision which is different from the others, it’s focus on the details , care about nature of the surrounding areas and elegance of the designs , this is what it showed in Anakaji new capital designs which are inspired by the beauty of nubia and beauty of nature .

Anakaji new capital project is specialized by its nature and huge landscapes areas as Akar Misr believes in nature which is the shelter of the residents from the noise and the rapidity of life , nature is a quiet and pleasant place for the nerves that are tired by the harshness of life so residents going to enjoy sound of birds singing and flapping of the trees. Simply he is going to enjoy nature.

Location Anakaji new capital

Anakaji new capital located in one the unique , finest and distinguishing area in the R8 district which is the heart of the administrative capital and very close to embassy  district and diplomatic zone .



Anakaji new capital is about 20 acres divided into different residential units , services , facilities and large area of landscaped green areas to show beauty of nature


Designs of buildings

Anakaji building designs are mixed up with the nubian style which are specialized with bright colours mixed with green spaces of the nature so residents can enjoy the beauty of nature and bright colours help him to feel comfort and relax . designs of the buildings capture your eyes with bright colours and their distinctive decoration. It took the nubian style which recently is a trend of the egyptian architects because it giving a heart warming effect.

Architects add a touch of art to the designs to reach luxurious and elegance . Akar Misr worked hard to preserve the character of buildings and units decoration, colours and unique architecture to let anakaji a piece of art .

Anakaji new capital designed to suit all tastes by combining modernity and urbanization to go with the recent era .

In Anakaji new capital , you will live in your own and private world enjoying luxurious and privacy that you are dreamt of .


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