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majada iwan sokhna

majada iwan sokhna Iwan developments is launching soon its newest project “ majada sokhna “ in Jebel el galala Ain sokhna with fully finished units, starting areas from 100 m² , the name of the project “majada iwan sokhna” coming from the Arabic word “ El Magd “ which means gloriously beautiful .

Iwan development :-

Iwan developments was founded in 1995, it has been consistently focused on providing feel-good neighborhoods in Egypt for over 15 years . it has proven itself a major leader over a varied amount of projects in the Egyptian market , with over a huge expansion over the last 4 years Iwan developments is proud to be an owner of 5 major compounds in shiekh Zayed area and 6th of october city

Iwan’s neighborhoods provide a full portfolio of real estate choices from twin houses, apartments , duplexes , family homes and villas with fully finished option are available.

Iwan developments holds a huge opportunity for investment .

What is jebel el galala city ?

Jebel el galala considered to be one of the biggest Egyptian projects that is supervised by the government ( Armed Forces Engineering Authority ) , it’s an Egyptian contribution to the development of Egypt through the establishment of new integrated Urban communities.

Jebel el galala city planned to be a global city located 700 meters high from the sea and stretched on area of 17000 acres , it has a main road and sub-hubs.

Jebel el galala city features :-

  • Resorts
  • Spa
  • Schools
  • Villas & chalets
  • Shops
  • Entertainment services
  • Hotels and mountain hotels
  • Restaurants and conference hall
  • Shopping mall
  • Yacht city
  • A cable car connecting the resort to the city

What is Majada Galala city ?

Magada Sokhna project considered to be the first resort set up by Iwan in the Egyptian market , it’s distinguished by its competitive prices as its units features combines between second home and first home features and its integrated services and networks that are characterized by its link directly to the new capital city .

The units of the project are on 170 meters high from the sea level in jebel el galala , all the units of the project overlooking the shores and Suez gulf waters . 

Worthy to say that Iwan developments has chosen to be the project on jebel el galala due to the government’s attention and focus to develop this region / area . the government works on developing the services , infrastructure and roads that lead to it .

Jebel el galala city is distinguished by its close to New capital city .

Location majada iwan sokhna :-

majada iwan sokhna location wisely chosen by Iwan developments to be next to the global city “ galala city “ to get benefit from all the facilities and services available in the city

It’s located 126km from New Cairo , 118km from New capital city , 46km before Zaafrana , 30km after Ain sokhna port ( Stella de mari area ) , 4.8km before porto el sokhna , 4.5km after ILmonte galala , 3.3km after new galala city marina .

Majada Galala features :-

  • 2 main entrances ( Sokhna main road & new galala road )
  • 5% total footprint
  • 550m beach front
  • 1km project width
  • Elevation from 15m up to 170m above sea level
  • Steps ( masateb ) range from 4m up to 15 m
  • More than 90% of the units are sea view from ground level

Majada Galala facilities :-

  • Boutique hotel
  • Project central hub and clubhouse
  • Beach clubhouse and beach lagoon
  • Project main lagoon
  • Commercial area
  • Medical center
  • Project main promenade
  • Park
  • Art gallery zone
  • Yoga zone

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