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zahra north coast By meamaar al morshedy 

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zahra north coast

zahra north coast by Memaar Al Morshedy has launched its newest and first residential – touristic project ‘’ Zahra North coast “ in the north coast.

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Meammar Al Morshedy directed its investment to one of the most attractive destinations which is the North Coast for summer days ..North coast is considered as a favored destination for most people in summer days to enjoy mediterranean sea, cool weather , greenery and breathtaking natural views .

Meamaar Al morshdy

It was found in 1983. It introduces a new concept of living which provides fully-integrated development projects that combine residential , administrative and commercial buildings in one place to help customers enjoy a more convenient life .

Meamaar Almorshdy projects :-

  • Rayhana plaza
  • One Kattameya
  • Kattameya business gate
  • Grand gate
  • Degla towers
  • Degla landmark
  • Crystal plaza
  • Bavaria town

What is Zahra Nort hcoast Meammar Al morshdy ?

Zahra Memaar Al morshdy is a residential-touristic project stretched on area of 900 feddans in a unique plot of north coast destination .it is featured by its charming white sand beaches and pure water , it’s a place where you can relax in front of the sea and looking for a peace of mind away from the hustling and bustling city.

It’s supposed to be a unique project in both residential and touristic fields as Memaar Al Morshedy is keen to on ensuring that Zahra North coast resort is suitable to satisfy customer needs whether they are Egyptians or Foreigners which means it will be one of the most important projects that working on nourishing tourism fields.

Location zahra north coast :-

Zahra North coast located in the kilo 125 between hacienda bay and Pioland resort in a very unique location in Sedi Abdalrahman .it’s 265 km from Cairo and 15 min. From Alamein airport and near to Marsa Matrouh.

Buildings / areas

Zahra North coast offers different types of units between chalets, villas , twin houses and townhouses with different areas with best innovative and wonderful designs.

All the villas and chalets are designed on high standard levels by well qualified architects working in Memaar Morshedy . all the units are with breathtaking views, overlooking the wonderful beach .

The whole project designs in the form of platforms and stands to let all the units looking over the beach

Chalet areas are starting from 60 m² and each chalet has its own design from all other chalets.

Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast
Zahra North coast

Zahra North coast Features / amenities

  • Semi finished and fully-finished units
  • High level of security and guarding system
  • cafes/ restaurants
  • Kids area
  • Shopping Mall
  • Entertainment services
  • Green spaces and landscapes
  • Swimming pools for both children and adults

Here are the First Phase of Zahra North coast features:-

  • The first phase set on an area of 45 feddans , it offers 1040 units and 55 buildings . each building is G+2 and others are G+3
  • In this phase there is 20% constructions , lakes are set on an area of 20000 m² which means 10% of the total project
  • There are 3 entrances
  • The ground units are with gardens and the units in the last floor are with roof terrace

Prices / metere depends on location:-

  • Back units :- 16200 L.E.
  • Back corner units :- E.
  • Front units :- E.
  • Corner front units :- 19200 L.E. ( there is a 1500L.E. discount/ meters )
  • Cabinet unit 60 m² ( two floors ) :- 1650000 L.E. and after discount became 1480000 L.E.

Payment plan of phase one

There are two different payment plans to give clients opportunity to choose

  • 5% down payment , 5% after 7 months , 20% on the delivery date , installments up to 6 years and first installment after 3 months
  • 10% down payment , 5% after 7 months , 20% on the delivery date , installments up to 7 years and first installment after 3 months
  • Maintenance :- 8 %



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