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azzar north coast

AZZAR NORTH COAST NEW LAUNCHالكيلو 180 ONLY VILLASSTARTING PRICE 2.9EACH VILLA HAS ITS PRIVATE BEACH OR LAGOON types:standalonetwin housetown house Atown house Btown house Ccollecting EOI’s 20K refundable

Bianchi Ilios north coast

Bianchi Ilios north coast The village of Bianchi Ilios north coast is distinguished by its presence in the new North Coast, specifically in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, which is characterized by the presence of many huge tourist projects because its beaches are different from any other beaches, where their beaches enjoy soft white sand, …

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Hacienda west north coast

Hacienda west north coast makes your trip more enjoyable, as it goes beyond the conventional meaning of the tourist village to appear as if it were a city alone due to the abundance of its high-end services and the splendor of its units. Hacienda White location: It is specifically located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman …

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zahra north coast By meamaar al morshedy 

zahra north coast zahra north coast by Memaar Al Morshedy has launched its newest and first residential - touristic project ‘’ Zahra North coast “ in the north coast. book now in zahra Memaar Al Morshedy Mobile:201061833896Mobile:201061833891 Meammar Al Morshedy directed its investment to one of the most attractive destinations which is the North Coast for summer days ..North …

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June Sodic

June Sodic In June Sodic.. feel the sun rays and experience happy days, in a place inspired by art, designed to capture your heart with panoramic sea views and this is where it all starts. June – a coastal town by SODIC Launching soon. June North Coast Enjoy a prime location in North Coast and …

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cali coast egypt

cali coast egypt cali coast egyptKilo 199150,000 M2 water futures230 AcresBeach area 30 AcresBeach front 600MFully finished8 levels from sea to 43MFoot print 13%Depth el project 1.7KEl sherka el 3amla el masterplan AE7Mn el tare2 lel gate almost 400M-500MAwel 5 levels sea viewCabains 3al bahrAwel mastba a3la mel bahr 6.5MEl mastvba el 7 first floor …

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Maven North Coast

Maven North Coast Maven North Coast If you are ready to pull the trigger, and if you feel that you made up your mind already about where you are buying in The North Coast, HOLD UP & WAIT!! This one will be at a different level. I can give you my word on this!!!! We …

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D bay Sahel

D bay Sahel D-bay Sahel Partners & Peluffo Gianluca Italian the by planned Mater  Bringing. topography natural its with one and part is Bay-D  ,architecture of purpose the is happiness that ethos their  ,table the to aesthetics and culture meets function where .account into       10% DOWN PAYMENT & UP TO 8 YEARS …

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